Upgrade Your Casper, WY Home’s Electrical Panel

Trust Hedlund Electric to get the job done right

Are you constantly blowing a fuse when using your home’s appliances? You could be due for a panel upgrade. Hedlund Electric LLC can examine your home’s electrical system and determine if you need to update your existing panel. Older homes typically don’t have the electrical system needed to support the demands of modern appliances. Our team will take a look at your system’s capability and recommend a new one that could better suit your needs.

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Electrical panel upgrade services in Casper, Wyoming and the surrounding areas

Hedlund Electric can bring your older home into the modern age by replacing your electrical panel. You should consider an upgrade if:

  • Your home is more than 25 years old
  • Your home’s electrical system relies on fuses
  • You are overly dependent on power strips
  • You're installing air conditioning or a hot tub
  • You’re considering a home remodel
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